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In Look What God Is Doing!, Every Home for Christ president Dick Eastman documents "Book of Acts-like" testimonies complete with signs and wonders and remarkable conversions that will convince the reader the global harvest is ready to explode! Fill out the form below to get your copy and begin your exploration of what God is doing around the earth.

Every Home for Christ

Look What God is Doing!

Stories of Faith

These remarkable stories--from the jungles of Brazil to the foothills of the Himalayas--will amaze and spur the faith of believers everywhere.

Dick Eastman says

"Finishing the task of the Great Commission, in our neighborhoods and throughout the earth, is really quite simple--and on its way to fulfillment".

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See how God is moving

Look What God is Doing! is a little book crammed full of big testimonies—actual experiences that have taken place in the global outreach of Every Home for Christ. These are captivating accounts of spiritual boldness, bravery, deliverance and the often dramatic salvation experiences of people many thought beyond redemption

Dr Dick Eastman

Dick Eastman has traveled the world forty times over as president of Every Home for Christ, a ministry that uses home-to-home literature distribution to spread the gospel. Currently EHC has planted more than 2.6 billion gospel messages in 198 nations. Now Dick shares some of the powerful testimonies resulting from that work over the last 62 years.

Cover the World in a Month

Essential to your devotional habit. Encourage a daily consitsnt prayer habit in your life.This map has been prepared to help you pray everyday for the people in the countries of the world.This map enables you to cover the world with prayer once a month by interceding for each country.